Baja No Pinch Rim Protectors


Baja No Pinch Tool 2 Set Motorcycle Tire Rim Protector:

Changing tires is always tough work and you have a risk of scratching your rims. The Baja No Pinch Rim Protector is a very important tool for your toolbox. It keeps your rims free from scratches.

Our Baja No Pinch Rim Protectors can help you change your tires without the risk of scratching your rims.

Our Baja No Pinch Rim Protectors come packaged with two rim protectors. Each include a retrieval cord, which will help you retrieve your protector after the task is done. Its compact design takes a small space of the toolbox and it’s very lightweight. The nylon material is super durable and ideal for multiple uses. This wheel protector can be used for almost all your motorcycle wheels.

What makes it better from others:

*This Baja No Pinch Rim Protectors fit well in your vehicles rim, which means you can put pressure on your tire iron for leverage without worrying about damaging your rims.

*Unlike other brands, our rim protector can be used many times without breaking or tearing it.

If you are searching for motorcycling rim protection, this should be your best choice. Grab one and start seeing the difference.

About Baja No Pinch:

Baja Motocross is dedicated to bringing you the tools and accessories for your Baja motocross and dirt bike lifestyle. We design, create, manufacture and source quality products with the goal to make your off-road experience better. The Baja Motocross way.

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