Jeff Kinney
"The "BAJA NO PINCH" tool has been the most efficient tool for changing Offroad and Dual Sport tires that we have ever used. We sell approximately 3500 Offroad and Dual sport related vehicles and 10% of these need tires. This tool WORKS! We change a lot of tires and we even have a tire machine for street tires, but all tube tires are changed with the "BAJA NO PINCH TOOL". If you change even 1 tire a year, you need this tool. Amazing!"
Steve R.
"I received my Baja No Pinch Tool just two days after I placed my order. You guys ship fast! The tool works just like in the video on your website. A great product. Highly recommend it."
Graeme M.
"What a great tool! We changed a very stiff Heidenau 400x19 trials tire for our Ural, late on a cool afternoon in December, without any pinches or bead gouges on a tire that would have been an extremely difficult tire change without the BAJA NO PINCH. This is a well made product that makes a nasty job much, much easier. Thanks!"
Mick G.
"Super tool! It packs down easily and the aluminum parts are really tough and lightweight. Fast international shipping, too. Would definitely buy again and recommend to anyone."
David S.
"Must say that I am very impressed. This thing is a work of art! Can't believe how easy it is to use. And no more pinched tubes....that is just awesome!"
Greg G.
"What a cool tool! Really well designed with super high quality parts. Easy to use and looks great, too! Thanks!"
John S.
"Really appreciate the great communication regarding shipping costs. Very glad I ordered the tool. You guys make a great product! All of my friends want one, too, now!
"It makes the job almost effort free in comparison to traditional spooning methods..."
US Dual Sports
"Not only did it make mounting the tire easier, but the last few inches were just as easy as the rest of the tire. It made changing tires fun again."
Southeast MX
"do yourself a huge favor... get your own Baja Tire Tool, you won’t be sorry!"
Chronic MX
"We found the Baja No Pinch tool to make tire installation easier for anyone who wants to save money and change their own tires in either the pits, out on the trail, or in their garage."
Essential Tool
"Baja No Pinch is an essential tool for the home motorcycle mechanic."
Love This Tool
"I absolutely love this tool. If you're having doubts about buying one, just go for it."
"Just used my NO PINCH on the 30th tire change, worked AWESOME as usual."
Worth Spend
"The best $200.00 a moto guy will ever spend. It's $50.00 per tire now at the shop. And you don't know how well they clean up the rim and if they use a new rim strip or tube."
Amazing Tool
"Amazing tool!!! I used mine for the first time this weekend and changed 3 tires in a fraction of the time it would have taken before! Worth every penny."
Best Tool
"By far and away the best tool I have ever spent money on. It gets the tire on with absolutely no chance of pinching the tube. It also gets the tire on the rim so easily, it's actually fun doing the job."
Loved It
"I got this for my boyfriend for Christmas and he loved it!"
"All I can say is it's worth every penny. Tire and tube changes are effortless now."
Easy To Use
"Heavy-duty, easy to use, and fits in your pack if you want to take it out on the trail."
Worked Flawlessly
"My son stated that he used it last night to change his tires and it worked flawlessly. I would recommend this over and over. He was always a tube pincher until the purchase of this tool."
Highly Recommend
"This is a great dirt bike tire installation tool. Nothing out there compares to it. I wouldn't have been able to install my Maxxis Desert IT tires without the BAJA no pinch tool. I've changed many tires in the past, and nothing made it as easy as using the BAJA no pinch tool. Make sure to watch YouTube videos on how to use it before you try. LOVE THIS TOOL. PERIOD. Highly recommend it!"
Awesome Tool
"This tool is awesome. I installed a tire in 5 minutes using this tool. It will not take the tire off, only install it. Taking the tire off is easy; installing the tire is the hard part. That is where this tool comes in very handy. I recommend it so much. Best dirt bike tool I have ever purchased."
Must Have Tool
"A must-have for any adventure rider. Besides this tool, all you need are a couple of tire irons and a little patience, and you will be able to change a tire in no time. I bought mine for traveling off-road and emergencies. If you have a workshop and you have room for a tire changer machine, do it. But if you don't have the space, this little guy will get it done."
Love This Tool
"This thing really works. I change motorcycle tires every day."
Must Have Tool
"This is the tool to have. Forget about pinching tubes anymore."
Amazing Tool
"Amazing tool!!! I used mine for the first time this weekend and changed 3 tires in a fraction of the time it would have taken before! Worth every penny."
It's So Good
"I've got one, and I even use it to do my tubeless tires because it's so good." Video Review

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