Baja No Pinch Tire Tool

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Baja No Pinch Tire Tool:

The Baja No Pinch tire tool is designed to simplify the installation of your dirt bike tires. The powerful rack and pinion system pushes the tire over the rim, eliminating the chance of a pinched inner tube during installation. The tool is constructed to be both light weight and strong and can easily be carried in your travel pack. 

The Baja No Pinch Tire tool comes standard with a 20 mm axle shaft. It will work on all wheel sizes from 16" to 21" with axles sizes 20 mm to 23 mm. If you have a smaller wheel size, you will need to additionally purchase the Baja No Pinch Mini Bike Kit, which works with wheel sizes from 10" to 14".

If you have many dirt bikes with different axle sizes, then the Baja No Pinch Tire Tool Ultimate Kit will be your best choice!

The CNC machined parts on the Tool are all manufactured in the USA. All parts are anodized or treated with black oxide for longevity and improved appearance. Quality workmanship and materials add up to many years of reliable service.

About Baja No Pinch:

Baja Motocross, Inc. and Baja No Pinch Tool are dedicated to bringing you the tools and accessories for your Baja motocross and dirt bike-lifestyle. We design, create, manufacture and source quality products with the goal to make your off-road experience better. The Baja Motocross way.

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2 Reviews

Blake Baumer 13th Oct 2021

Game Changing Product

I've been using the Baja No Pinch tool for several years now and it is a game changer when it comes to changing tires. I have never pinched a tube using the Baja No Pinch tool and installing the tire is a breeze compared to using tire spoons...especially installing the last little bit of tire. One of my favorite parts is that the tool never touches the rim. I have installed 20+ tires on many different sized rims including $1,000 plus wheel sets without a scratch.

Steve Lafon 28th Nov 2019

No pinch tool

I carried on of these tools as we did the TAT. We used it to change front and rear tires on two bikes without a pinch. It also reduced a lot of tension to change tires in the middle of the desert where you don’t want to pinch your last tube. b sure to pack the threaded parts separate and in pads to protect the threads. We didn’t and wore the threats off and in usable until they were rethreaded. Great tool and well worth the expenditure.

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