25 mm Sleeve - Purple Anodized Aluminum


25 mm Sleeve - Purple Anodized Aluminum:

The purple anodized sleeve is designed to fit over the stock 20 mm axle shaft that is standard equipment with the Baja No Pinch Tire Tool. If your motorcycle has a 25 mm axle, this sleeve is a simple upgrade that will work perfectly.

About the Baja No Pinch Tire Tool:

The Baja No Pinch Tire Tool is designed to simplify the installation of your dirt bike tires. The powerful rack and pinion system pushes the tire over the rim, eliminating the chance of a pinched inner tube during installation. The Tool is constructed to be both light weight and strong and can easily be carried in your travel pack.

About Baja No Pinch:

Baja Motocross, Inc. and Baja No Pinch Tool are dedicated to bringing you the tools and accessories for your Baja motocross and dirt bike-lifestyle. We design, create, manufacture and source quality products with the goal to make your off-road experience better. The Baja Motocross way.

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